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Principle of air floating oil separator

source:  release time:2019-10-22 14:50:00

In the process of production, the hotel industry and catering industry discharge wastewater containing a large number of oil products; the coking and gasification industry of coal discharges wastewater containing high concentration of tar; the refinery, slaughterhouse and meat industry discharge wastewater containing a large amount of oil. If these oily wastewater is directly discharged into the water body, it will cause serious environmental pollution. Nowadays, the State advocates that all industries should implement energy conservation and emission reduction, and protect the natural environment. Whether it is industrial drainage, smoke exhaust or catering industry emissions, we should vigorously carry out independent transformation, take a standardized route, improve the damaged environment, and rebuild a better home.

In order to adapt to the new national policy, Guangzhou JieChuang has developed all kinds of water treatment equipment to keep pace with the times. The following oil separator is one of the products, which is widely used in all kinds of solutions for oil and sewage producing places.

The air floating oil separator is mainly divided into automatic oil separator and gravity oil separator, but the placement and material are different. The buried FRP oil separator. And the ground FRP oil separator, there is a stainless steel oil separator.

Oil separator is a kind of micro bubble generator produced by the micro bubble generator in the air flotation area. Due to the surface tension, the micro bubble generator is used to generate the micro bubble generated by the micro bubble generator. In the process of floating up, most of the emulsified oil is decomposed from the water, the small impurities and grease in the water adhere to the tiny bubbles, float to the water surface, and are scraped to the oil sump by the automatic oil scraper, and then discharged out of the equipment through the oil pipe; after the oil-water separation, the oil-free water is discharged from the outlet pipe, so as to remove the impurities, oil and water. The structure of the oil separator is mostly horizontal flow. Type.

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