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Why industrial water needs to be softened by softener

source:  release time:2019-10-22 14:53:00

Industrial water contains many inorganic salts, such as magnesium salt and calcium. These inorganic salts can't be found by naked eyes in the water under normal temperature. Once they are heated, a lot of calcium and magnesium salts will precipitate in the form of carbonate. They will form scale close to the heating surface of the boiler, so as to reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler, increase the fuel consumption, and even cause local overheating, damage parts, and explosion. Therefore, the water quality of industrial boiler should be softened or desalinated. Generally, the water below 8 degrees is called soft water, the water above 17 degrees is called hard water, and the water between 8 and 17 degrees is called medium hard water. Rain, snow water, river, river and lake water are all soft water, spring water, deep well water and sea water are all hard water. In the industrial boilers running in our country, the failure rate of boilers is up to 25% due to water quality problems. This is because the operation of the traditional softened water equipment is complex, the working reliability is poor, the failure rate is high, the equipment is in an abnormal working state for a long time, the water quality is not guaranteed, so the boiler failure rate is high and the service life is short. The new generation of fully automatic softened water equipment developed by Yangzhou Shengshi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has the advantages of automatic control, continuous water production, simple operation, safety, reliability and strong adaptability. For high hardness water ≤ 20mmol / L, it can soften to residual hardness ≤ 0.03mmol/l at one time. It also has the advantages of short regeneration time, less resin consumption, low salt consumption, stable water quality, low operating cost, and significant energy-saving effect. Welcome to call or discuss business with us if you need. We will provide you with the most preferential price and the most professional service.

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