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JieChuang heat exchanger environmental protection industry solution

source:  release time:2019-10-22 15:04:00

JieChuang heat exchanger environmental protection industry solution

The world continues to focus on ways to reduce pollution, clean water supply, reduce energy consumption and energy recovery. All commercial and industrial activities will produce waste, if not properly handled, it will harm our environment. Almost all activities will generate sludge with little or no commercial value, but its transportation cost is very high. How to deal with this kind of sludge responsibly is a very difficult challenge.

The solution provided by Guangzhou JieChuang company can remove the solid matters in the wastewater as much as possible, so as to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment, and at the same time, it can maximize the sludge dryness, so as to reduce the transportation and treatment costs.

The technology provided by Guangzhou JieChuang company can be used for all kinds of sludge, no matter simple sedimentation treatment, secondary biological treatment or advanced chemical treatment.

We can help our customers deal with:

Municipal Wastewater

Municipal sewage system is used to treat domestic wastewater, wastewater discharged by commercial enterprises or industrial facilities, etc. Gemma's public sector wastewater and sludge treatment projects involve a population of no less than 150 million.

industrial waste water

Because the industry and local habits are different, the specifications of industrial wastewater are also very different. Guangzhou Gemma heat exchange equipment solutions can be used in a variety of different industrial applications around the world.


There are many different ways of water treatment to ensure people's safe drinking water. The system of Guangzhou Gemma company can produce 2 million cubic meters of drinking water every day.

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