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Solution of JieChuang heat exchanger electric power industry

source:  release time:2019-10-22 15:12:00

Our world can't live without electricity

No matter how the power plant generates electricity: diesel engine, gas / steam turbine or nuclear power, the products, modules and systems of gemma heat exchange equipment can play an important role in the operation of the power plant.

We can help power plants around the world improve operational efficiency by treating fuel, lubricants and waste water and providing fresh water generation solutions. JieChuang can also help power plants maximize energy use in many heating and cooling processes, and help them to use waste heat, steam or electricity to generate clean water, a dwindling resource.

JieChuang company also plays a very important role in the upgrading and refitting of power plants to improve operation safety and efficiency. Especially for nuclear power plants. Due to high efficiency and small installation space, our plate heat exchanger is often used to replace the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger. Various analyses also show that these plate heat exchangers are very safe and play an important role in the nuclear power industry.

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