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Solution for chemical industry of JieChuang heat exchanger

source:  release time:2019-10-22 15:14:00

JieChuang heat exchange equipment provides a variety of efficient heat exchange, reboiler, condensation and separation solutions for inorganic chemical and petrochemical industries, which can improve process efficiency, realize cost-effective energy recovery, and help enterprises improve profit margin, reduce costs and achieve emission reduction.
With more and more strict laws and regulations issued, energy prices are rising, and the requirements for the chemical industry are increasingly stringent. For this reason, Guangzhou JieChuang heat exchange equipment provides tested technology, efficient process solutions and unparalleled expertise in the chemical industry.
The reliability and flexibility of Guangzhou JieChuang products make you feel free to use them. They can bring profits to the production process of your Petrochemical intermediate products.
JieChuang heat exchange equipment provides a series of complete high-efficiency and durable plate, spiral plate and gasket heat exchanger, condenser, settling centrifuge and separation equipment to meet the needs of petrochemical intermediate products industry. Whether it is to produce formaldehyde, polyols, organic acids, amines or any other intermediate petrochemical products, Guangzhou Gemma has the corresponding equipment and expertise to meet your needs.
The temperature difference between the hot and cold medium in the compact plate heat exchanger of JieChuang heat exchanger is very close, so more heat energy can be recovered. This allows you to save energy in your plant and reuse it while reducing CO2 emissions.
JieChuang heat exchanger adopts the intelligent design, which can reduce the scaling phenomenon, which means that the cleaning frequency required by the equipment is reduced, so as to minimize the downtime. The Gemma heat exchanger can be easily cleaned by spraying water or using the local cleaning module.

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