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Plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger

Detailed introduction

JieChuang plate heat exchanger is composed of frame, heat transfer plate group and clamping bolt.

The frame comprises a fixed pressing plate and a movable pressing plate, which are supported by the upper guide rod and the lower guide rod, and a strut is arranged at the other end.

The pressed corrugated plate is hung on the upper guide rod between the two plates, the movable pressing plate is moved to compress the plate group, and then a group of clamping studs are used to clamp the fixed pressing plate and the movable pressing plate to a certain size. Two kinds of media flow into their respective channels composed of corrugated plates through the flange holes on the fixed (or movable) compression plate. After heat exchange, the media flow out from the flange holes on the fixed (or movable) compression plate.

The fixed compression plate, movable compression plate, strut and guide rod are all made of low carbon steel. In consideration of various user requirements, there are many types of frame design, mainly including double support frame type and common floor type, etc., and the frame type can also be changed according to user requirements.

Heat transfer plate is one of the core parts of plate heat exchanger. The corrugated plate is formed by one-time pressing, the reasonable corrugated design increases the effective heat transfer area of the plate, makes the fluid form turbulence when passing along the corrugated, and strengthens the heat transfer process. When assembling, the corrugations intersect with the corrugations to form a large number of contact resistance points, which greatly improves the rigidity of the plate group, so it can bear high pressure. Each plate as a heat transfer surface, under the action of the gasket, there are hot and cold media on both sides of the plate to exchange heat. There are four pieces of liquid distribution on the plate. The piece L and the sealing gasket are installed around the plate to restrict the flow of medium in the plate group. The plates form parallel channels and flow through the two kinds of medium in the plate group. The corrugated plate materials are: industrial pure titanium tal, which is used for seawater or other corrosive media; various kinds of corrosive media. Stainless steel, j = fresh water, drinking water, oil and other non corrosive medium.

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