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Positive displacement heat exchanger

Positive displacement heat exchanger

Detailed introduction

Product description

The positive displacement heat exchanger adopts the high-efficiency heat exchange component floating coil to heat the water in the tank layer by layer until the outlet reaches the set temperature and produces domestic hot water. The displacement heat exchanger with floating coil is a new type of hot water equipment, which is widely used in school, hospital and hotel.

Application diagram of volume heat exchanger system

Design pressure:

Coil: 1.6Mpa

Tank body: 0.6/1.0/1.6mpa

Part material:

Coil: stainless steel 304, red copper

Tank body: stainless steel 304, carbon steel

Product features 

● fast start up: due to the special structure of the product, the hot water produced can reach the hot water outlet of the top of the irrigation quickly, and the hot water can be supplied to the outside without heating most of the cold water.

● high heat transfer coefficient: the floating coil is a high-efficiency heat transfer element with high heat transfer coefficient. In addition, the floating coil continuously vibrates in the heat exchange process, which can realize dynamic heat transfer and greatly improve the performance of the heat exchanger.

● not easy to scale: because the floating coil is adopted for the heat exchange tube, and the turbulent fluid is easy to form, which has strong scouring effect on the wall surface of the heat exchange tube, it is not easy to scale.

● no cold water area: high volume utilization rate: This product always heats the cold water at the bottom of the tank. When the water consumption is lower than the rated water supply capacity, gradually heat all the cold water in the tank. At this time, there is no cold water area to maintain the maximum storage capacity of hot water. When the water consumption is greater than the rated water supply capacity, the hot water stored in the tank and the hot water heated immediately are simultaneously supplied to the outside to pass the water peak.

● water quality and sanitation: the heat exchanger is equipped with multiple sets of floating coils, unique pagoda structure, fast heating speed, uniform temperature rise, constant outlet temperature, and no dead water area will be formed, and hot water will not generate bacteria in the heat exchanger, ensuring the clean and sanitary water quality.

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