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Air storage tank

Air storage tank

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Gas storage tank is used to store gas equipment, and plays the role of stabilizing system pressure at the same time. According to the different bearing pressure of gas storage tank, it can be divided into high-pressure gas storage tank, low-pressure gas storage tank and normal pressure gas storage tank. The gas tanks are divided into carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel. According to the pressure: low pressure gas tank, medium pressure gas tank, high pressure gas tank. Gas storage tank (pressure vessel) is generally composed of cylinder, head, flange, connecting pipe, sealing element, support and other parts and components. In addition, it is also equipped with safety devices, meters and internals to complete different production processes.
Guangzhou JieChuang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. produces multi specification gas tanks, stainless steel gas tanks and carbon steel gas tanks. Sales outlets all over the world, carefully designed and manufactured a variety of class I and class II pressure vessels according to the needs of users. The company focuses on users, adheres to the enterprise spirit of "building a business with credit and winning with quality", and wins the recognition of users with "first-class product quality, first-class quality pre-sales and after-sales service". Over the years, it has been rated as the advanced unit of "contract and credit". We sincerely welcome the new and old users.

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