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Collector and distributor

Collector and distributor

Detailed introduction

The water collector and distributor is a collection device and water flow distribution composed of a water collector and a water separator. The water collector is a device to output multiple water through one container, while the water distribution is a device to output multiple water through one container. It manages several branch pipelines, including return branch and water supply branch, most of which are dn350-dn1500, which are made of steel plate and need to be installed with pressure gauge and thermometer. On the one hand, it distributes the water flow of the main pipe according to the needs to ensure that the flow of the branch loop in each area meets the needs of the load. On the other hand, it collects the water flow of each branch loop and inputs it into the main pipe of the return water to realize the circulation operation. Its return water reuse can achieve more energy-saving effect, and can meet the needs of heating and cooling at the same time. It is widely used in boiler, central air conditioning, industrial circulating cooling water system, hot water system. ?


● in the floor heating system, the diversity water collector manages several branch pipes, on which there are exhaust valves, automatic thermostatic valves, etc., generally of copper.The caliber is small, between dn25-dn40. There are many imported products.

● in air conditioning water system or other industrial water system, several branch pipes are also managed, including return water branch and water supply branch, but they are relatively large.Many dn350-dn1500, made of steel plate, belong to the professional manufacturing company of pressure vessel. It needs to install pressure gauge and thermometer and exhaust automatically.Valve, safety valve, vent valve, etc., pressure regulating valve shall be installed between two vessels, and automatic bypass pipeline shall be provided for auxiliary.

● the use of tap water supply system and water separator effectively avoids the loopholes in tap water management, installs and manages water meters in a centralized way, and cooperates with many single pipes.The road use reduces the purchase cost, greatly reduces the construction time and improves the efficiency. The self-contained water channel is directly connected to the aluminum-plastic main pipe through reducingThe water meter shall be installed in the water meter pool (water meter room) in a centralized way, so as to achieve one meter per household, outdoor installation and outdoor inspection. At present, the transformation of household tables in various parts of thecountry is in the process of being largeScope in progress.

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