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Stainless steel plate heat exchanger

Stainless steel plate heat exchanger

Detailed introduction

Product description

The stainless steel plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger which is pressed with thin metal plate to form a heat exchanger plate with a certain corrugated point, then stacked, and assembled with stainless steel frame plate and clamping bolt. It has strong corrosion resistance. The working fluid flows through the narrow and zigzag channel formed between the two plates, and the cold and hot fluid flows through the channel plates for cold and heat exchange.

Component material

Heat exchange plate: SUS304, SUS316L, SMO254, titanium, nickel, Hastelloy

Gasket: NBR, h-nbr, EPDM, food pad, Viton, silicone rubber

Frame: stainless steel, outsourcing stainless steel

Clamping bolt: stainless steel

Interface: rubber, stainless steel

Guide rod: stainless steel

Panel description

The unique structure of the shunt area balances the fluid distribution.

The plate adopts a unique line and surface positioning structure, which is not easy to misplace between plates;

The fillet of plates adopts the "interlock" structure, and the plates are locked with each other.

Large angle corrugation design can improve heat transfer coefficient and reduce resistance.

The design of small angle corrugation reduces the resistance and heat transfer coefficient.

During the design and selection, according to the different working condition parameters, the corresponding plate type shall be selected reasonably to achieve the best use effect.

Double slope design of upper guide rod improves the stability of plate;

The inner side of the clamping plate adopts the lining ring structure to improve the matching accuracy;

In addition to heat transfer efficiency, herringbone corrugated plates form mesh contacts with each other in reverse direction after assembly, with good pressure resistance.

Gasket description

The gasket is embedded in the groove of the heat exchange plate for fixation, which is quick and convenient to insert and replace the gasket and greatly reduces the downtime;

The sealing and fixing functions are separated, and the gasket can still play a sealing role in the groove even if a part of the "buckle" that plays the fixing function fails.

Product characteristics

● large logarithmic average temperature difference: the plate heat exchanger can realize full countercurrent, and the temperature correction coefficient is 1.

High heat transfer coefficient: the ripple of plate heat exchanger can make the fluid produce turbulence at a small Reynolds number. Its heat transfer coefficient is 3 ~ 5 times of that of shell and tube heat exchanger, and the maximum is 7000W / m2k.

● small floor area: the plate heat exchanger has a compact structure, and the heat exchange area per unit volume is 2-5 times of that of the shell and tube heat exchanger. When the same heat exchange task is realized, the floor area is about 1 / 5-1 / 10 of that of the shell and tube heat exchanger.

● light weight and low price: the plate thickness of plate heat exchanger is only 0.5-0.8mm. Under the same heat exchange task, the required heat exchange area is smaller than that of shell and tube heat exchanger, and the weight is only about 1 / 5 of shell and tube heat exchanger.

● small temperature difference at the end: the lowest temperature difference at the end of water water heat exchange can be lower than 1 ℃, which is very beneficial to recover the heat energy at low temperature.

● low fouling coefficient: the fouling coefficient of plate heat exchanger is small, which is due to the violent turbulence of the fluid, the impurities are not easy to precipitate; the channel dead zone of the channel between plates is small; the heat exchange surface made of stainless steel is smooth, and there are few corrosion attachments.

● heat exchange of multiple media: plate heat exchanger can exchange heat of three or more media through intermediate partition, which is widely used in dairy processing technology.

Convenient cleaning: after the clamping bolt of plate heat exchanger is removed, the plate bundle can be loosened, and the plate pieces can be removed for mechanical cleaning, which is very convenient for maintenance.

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