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BR plate heat exchanger

BR plate heat exchanger

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Br plate heat exchanger has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, small loss of material flow resistance, compact structure, sensitive temperature control, flexible operation, convenient assembly and disassembly, long service life, etc. it is an advanced energy-saving heat exchange equipment in China. The materials that can be treated are very wide, from common industrial water to high viscosity liquid, from food liquid and medical material with high hygiene requirements to acid-base liquid with certain corrosiveness, from liquid material containing particle powder to suspension liquid containing a small amount of fiber, can be treated by plate heat exchanger. It can be used for heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation, sterilization, heat recovery and other occasions. For example, cooling the internal circulation of generator set and rectifier; used for mechanical lubricating oil such as metallurgy mine; used for sterilization and disinfection of hydraulic station, egg liquid and edible oil; used for sterilization and treatment of beer and wine; used for waste heat recovery in light textile industry and papermaking industry; collected condensed water, centralized heating; steam to water heating; intermediate heat exchange in boiler deaeration system, etc. It has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, medicine, food, chemical fiber, light textile, paper-making, shipping, central heating and other industrial sectors.

Component material

Heat exchange plate: SUS304, SUS316L, SMO254, titanium, nickel, Hastelloy

Gasket: NBR, h-nbr, EPDM, food pad, Viton, silicone rubber

Frame: carbon steel, stainless steel, outsourcing stainless steel

Clamping bolt: carbon steel galvanized, stainless steel

Interface: rubber, carbon steel, stainless steel

Guide rod: carbon steel galvanized, stainless steel

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