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U-tube bundle heat exchanger

U-tube bundle heat exchanger

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Product description

U-tube bundle heat exchanger is a kind of shell and tube heat exchanger, which belongs to petrochemical equipment. It is composed of shell and tube bundle and other main parts. Because its heat exchange tube is U-shaped, it is named U-tube bundle heat exchanger. Only one tube plate and two ends of tube are fixed on the same tube plate.

Product characteristics

The characteristics of Guangzhou JieChuang heat exchanger are that the tube bundle can be freely expanded without thermal stress and thermal compensation due to the temperature difference between the tubes and shells. The tube pass has a long two-way flow, high flow rate, high heat transfer performance, strong pressure bearing capacity, the tube bundle can be extracted from the shell for easy maintenance and cleaning, and the structure is simple and cheap, but the tube in the middle part of the tube bundle is difficult to be replaced due to the inconvenience of tube cleaning. The bending radius of the inner tube should not be too small, and the tube arrangement in the center of the tube sheet is not compact, so the number of tubes should not be too large and there is a gap in the center of the tube bundle, which makes the shell side fluid easy to be short circuited and affects the shell side heat exchange. In addition, in order to make up for the thinning of the straight tube wall after the elbow, the tube with a thick wall is required, which affects its use only in the case of large temperature difference between the shell and the shell side medium. It is easy to scale and the medium in the tube side is clean, and it is not easy to scale.

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